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Smash your new year’s resolution or burn off those festive indulgences! Utah Office of Tourism invites you to join our incentive and educational programme exclusively for UK and Irish travel trade and media. Between 4th January and 14th March 2021 using the Utah ‘Walker Tracker’ website, app and map join us to walk your way around the Beehive State virtually, whilst physically walking in your local area . 

The incentive

Information about our exciting trade fam trip incentive is included via the ‘How to Walk Your Way Around Utah’ link on the right hand side of your stats page. This is a completion challenge so everyone who completes the ‘walk’ by the deadline will be entered into the draw to win! We’ll also be running some mini challenges throughout the main challenge to keep you motivated and help you reach the finish line.

Create a team and join the Team Challenge

You will automatically be registered to participate as an individual via our individual challenge. Why not become a team leader and create a team of up to four travel industry or travel media colleagues to participate in our team challenge as well? You may even want to set some independent challenges or sales incentives for your team.  

Sign up now ready for our new year challenge which begins on Monday 4th January 2021.

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